Who guards the guardians?27.11.2013The paper, “Who guards the guardian?” aims to summarize key elements, based on universal principles and practices, for analysing the accountability of the civil sector in Kosovo. This study seeks to present key principles and their application in Kosovo with the purpose of using information and knowledge as the grounds for opening a constructive debate concerning this matter. Limited in methodology, this study does not assess the level of account - ability of civil society in Kosovo; rather, it raises questions with the intention of highlighting issues to be studied and discussed further in the futureDownload
A year of monitoring for greater transparency27.10.2013The report titled “A year monitoring for more transparency” sums up a one-year performance of the NGO “EC Ma Ndryshe” in monitoring the transparency of the Municipality of Prizren and a several months of performance in monitoring the transparency of the Municipality of Mamuşa/Mamushë. This paper has been produced within the “Online Transparency of Prizren and Mamuşa Municipalities” and introduces the findings related to different departments of local governments, with a special emphasis on transparency and endeavours for upgrading of this significant area of local governance as a precondition for a stable democracy. Download
Youth and Transparency: Excluded or ignored?27.09.2013his paper considers the transparency of the municipalities of Prizren and Gjilan/Gnjilane in relation to the youth living in both these urban centres. Findings of this report derive from the research, respectively from the surveys conducted with the youth from the secondary schools and U niversities of Prizren and Gjilan/Gnjilane. The surveys included 200 young respondents from both municipalities, who answered the questions in relation to operation of local government , transparency and participation of the public and the youth in municipal decision - making .Download
Study on the views, behaviours and perceptons of the citzens of Prizren on the culture and art – a legitmate basis for devising cultural policies in Prizren27.05.2013This survey consist of the study report (research) conducted by NGO EC Ma Ndryshe with 500 citizens/inhabitants of the city of Prizren and the results of 23 structured interviews with organizations involved in cultural activities in Prizren, and the summary of four various discussions held with relevant stakeholders in the field of culture and cultural heritage. This report particularly aims to analyze the data from these three sources of data and finally to try draw up conclusions and to provide recommendations for the next steps in the field of culture in Prizren. The purpose of this paper is also to try and present basic guidelines for the development of cultural policies in the city, based on the data and the outcomes of this research. This is the first attempt of its kind that uses a comprehensive method of data collection for culture and issues related to cultural sector in the city of Prizren. Download
Natural and urban degradation27.05.2013This paper titled “Natural and Urban Degradation” summarizes four - monthly work on monitoring local executive ’s activities ( December 2012, and January , February and March 2013) within “Online Transparency of Prizren Municipality” project. Although it includes developments in different departments of Prizren’s municipal government, a particular focus in this analysis was given to the current state of urban affairs in Prevallë/Prevala , providing a retrospective overview of uncontrolled constructions in the city and within the Historic Centre.Download
Erroneous27.03.2013Cultural heritage remains at the bottom of public policy priorities in Kosova. Rarely, or hardly ever do the public officials talk about this policy sector – excluding the days of electoral campaigns. Kosova’s urban centers have been turned into gigantic concrete ruins, as a consequence of chaotic urbanization which does not comply with any sustainable urban planning and development criteria. Kosova citizens even nowadays continue to pay the damages caused during March 2004, while cultural heritage is regulated by a law that could not be implemented for five years now and is in process of being amended. Download
Adherence to the law in local governance27.12.2012This report summarizes the quarterly performance of monitoring (September, October and November 2012) within the project “Online Transparency of the Prizren Municipality”. Monitoring findings during this period prove that deficient transparency in decision - making has led the municipal leaders to render on several occasions decisions which do not square with the interests of citizens or residents of certain neighbourhoods, which in extreme cases had no legal basis either, being in contradiction with the laws in force or the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo. Yet, adherence to the law is the main requirement for good governance.Download
Transparency of local governance in Prizren27.07.2012Local governance in Prizren suffers from scores of structural shortcomings. Transparency, as a fundamental principle of good governance, certainly ranks on the top of this list. Recently, the importance of coining transparency in local level, as a tool for addressing some of the greatest challenges for sustainable development and democracy, is being increasingly understood. This brief analysis assesses the transparency in the Municipality of Prizren through following segments: Regulation on transparency, access to public documents, the municipal official webpage, meetings of the mayor with the directors, oversight of mayor al operations and citizens’ participation in decision - making.Download
Good governance is not just a phrase27.09.2012This report summarizes six month monitoring performance within the “Online Transparency of Prizren Municipality”. Monitoring findings during this period bear strong evidence that good governance is not just a phrase, but a persistent operation towards democracy and good quality of life for citizens. Good governance, as much present in the statements of officials, less present in their actions.Download
Results of the research about the cultural life in MUNICIPALITY OF PRIZREN13.06.2011The purpose of this report about the results of the research in Prizren is to specifically inform all of us about the cultural life in the municipality and by determining the current situation to assist in the process of planning the strategy for the development of culture.Download