The transparency web-site is sought to become a permanent tool of raising local government’s transparency in decision-making. The web-site will function based on the monitoring that NGOs will perform (not only EC Ma Ndryshe). The web-site will become the platform of all civil society work to monitor and report on the transparency of local government. During the post-project period, EC Ma Ndryshe will maintain the web-page in cooperation with other local partners, especially the NGOs that perform monitoring of the legislative branch of Prizren municipality. All NGOs that actually perform monitoring, including the future jump-ins will be invited to use the transparency web-site as a common platform for publishing the findings, as well as a advocacy and pressure tool towards raising the local government transparency.

In addition, the project will launch a new platform of cooperation between civil society and local government in ensuring transparency in decision-making. This platform will turn into a long-lasting partnership between the two sectors, and with the new civil society actors joining the efforts to perform sectoral monitoring of local government branches.