The Mayor of Municipality

Incumbent Mayor of Prizren Municipality is Mr. Ramadan Muja from Democratic Party of Kosovo, elected for the second term of office in the local elections of 2009. To read the biography of the mayor, please click here. To read the mayor’s work report, please click here.

Responsibilities of the Mayor

The Mayor of Prizren Municipality executes the following responsibilities:

  • Represents and acts on behalf of the Municipality;
  • Leads the municipal government and its administration and conducts the financial administration of the municipality;
  • Exercises all competencies not explicitly assigned to the Municipal Assembly or its committees;
  • Is responsible for enforcing regulations and decisions adopted by the Municipal Assembly, municipal financial administration and executes the acts of the Municipal Assembly;
  • Appoints and dismisses the Deputy Mayor;
  • Recruits and dismisses the Head of Personnel in accordance with the law applicable to civil service;
  • May at any time propose directorates the Municipality should have;
  • Appoints directors of directorates of the Municipality to assist him/her in discharging his/her duties;
  • Delegates temporary assignments or sharing and coordination of duties and responsibilities between directorates as required, taking into account the particular field or the project;
  • Appoints and dismiss his/her advisors who assist him in discharging his/her duties;
  • Proposes municipal regulations and other acts for the approval of Municipal Assembly;
  • Proposes municipal development plan, regulatory and investments plans; proposes the annual budget for the approval of the Municipal Assembly and executes the budget adopted;
  • Reports before the Municipal Assembly on the economic-financial situation and the implementation of the investment plans of the Municipality at least once every six months or as often as required by the Municipal Assembly;
  • May request the Municipal Assembly to review a municipal act before its entry into force when he/she deems the act to violate the interests of communities and/or the applicable legislation.
  • Oversees the adherence to the provisions of the Law on Local Self-Government and other legal provisions relative to the responsibilities of municipalities;
  • Shall consult the Deputy Mayor for Communities about the matters related to non-majority communities;
  • Other activities assigned to him/her by the statute;
  • Cooperates with the Chairperson of the Municipal Assembly on setting the agenda for the meetings of the Municipal Assembly and performs all other functions set forth by specific laws and other responsibilities assigned by the Municipal Assembly on the Mayor in accordance with this Statute.
  • Pursuant to his/her competencies the Mayor enacts decisions, conclusions, recommendations and other sub-legal acts that shall comply with the constitutional and legal system of the Republic of Kosovo.