EC Ma Ndryshe encourages all citizens of Prizren to become part of our project for local government monitoring by reporting the cases of bad governance, mismanagement, the lack of transparency, corruption, fraud, conflict of interest or other forms of abuse of power by the officials or civil servants working in Prizren Municipality. Reporting can be made on all cases of abuse of official capacity in the civil service, the executive branch (mayor and municipal directorates), the Municipal Assembly and in public companies.

The identity of the person reporting and his/her personal information will remain confidential and will not be disclosed. Reporter may choose the anonymous reporting option. Reporting is done through the following form and contains the next details: Title of the case, detailed description of the case, the date when the case occurred, municipal body involved in the case, documents (evidence) and photo for upload and additional information. All cases may be also reported via e-mail address [email protected]

Project team maintains the right of editing and non-disclosure of reported cases to ensure the compliance with applicable legislation in Kosovo. Once the reported cases are received, the project team will investigate and verify information provided by the reporter. Finally, the case will be published in full on the project’s website through press releases and other forms of publication.

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